Dealing with irregular internet connections

Dealing with irregular and slow internet connections in Uganda has forced me to find new ways of operating. Thought I’d share a couple things that might be useful to others who are on the road.

This is my first post from Raven, an open-source blogging program that allows me to draft/edit offline and post to WordPress whenever I have a connection. The interface is pretty straightforward, and it looks like the best free option. If you’re reading this, I guess it must be working!

I’ve also started using FeedDemon to download the 30+ blogs that I follow. I don’t like the interface quite as much as GoogleReader, but the latter recently disabled offline access for some reason. The two sync well, so I can still use GoogleReader when I’m online. Also, FeedDemon has a “prefetch” function that downloads and stores links from blog posts for offline access. Pretty sweet.

And of course, offline GMail is a blessing. But sadly, it has trouble loading when the connection is slow, and sometimes I have to disable offline access in order to load it at all. Which creates a bit of a conundrum: it works less when you need it more.

Hope this is helpful to others dealing with similar obstacles. Other tips are appreciated too.

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