Africa lacks potential?

Not so, says Africa Investor and The Africa Group. Their recent report is covered in a three-page story in this week’s East African. Full story here. The report quantifies potential increases in output from human capital, minerals, tourism and other sources.

The article reads like a summary of the report, peppered with quotes from the authors and others. It’s not the most hard-hitting piece of journalism, but that’s okay. This is a story that doesn’t often get told. Media coverage of Africa is notoriously heavy on the bad and light on the good.

Hubert Danso, vice chairman and managing director of African Investor, sums it up:

“We wanted to catalyse debate about how wealthy as opposed to how poor the continent is, and signal tipping points for African governments and global investors seeking growth opportunities.”

The East African weekly newspaper provides consistently good coverage of the region’s progress and potential. It’s highly recommended.

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