World Cup witchcraft (plus, K’naan!)

My favorite commentary on the infamous psychic octopus comes from the blog of Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper:

Octopus Paul simply witchcraft from West

Key quotes (cause I know you’re too lazy to click on the link):

I bet I can see through the glorification of the Western culture in this story. Note that words like “witchcraft”, “superstition”, “paraphernalia”, “magic”, “dark”, etc are not used. … But if an African had indulged in similar games, he would just be labelled a “juju man” or “witchdoctor” to make him look “backward” in the Western media…

In related news, I’m already going through World Cup withdrawal. In case you are too, I’m posting K’naan’s video below and thereby giving you an excuse to watch it again. It’s just as awesome as the first time I saw it and still better than Shakira’s video. The non-World Cup/Coca Cola version (further down) is pretty awesome too.

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