Dawning realization that my graduate education is actually useful…

Wagner FTW

Over the past few weeks with Mercy Corps, some of the things that I’ve learned in grad school have turned out to be relevant. Shocking, right? For any classmates pondering fall classes, here’s a quick run down of the topics and the classes they’re from:

  • Writing survey questions for a program evaluation — Program Analysis & Eval
  • Entering survey data in SPSS — Stats
  • Analyzing devolution/decentralization impact of Kenyan constitution — Institutions, Governance & Development; as well as Financing Local Governments in Developing Countries
  • Dealing wtih budgets v. actual, activity-based costing, and related fun topics  — Financial Management
  • Impact of ethnic diversity on governance institutions — Africa in the World Economy (with the infamous Bill Easterly)

There might be more. This is not to say that my work has directly involved all of these things, but just that I’ve found lessons from them to be relevant. This list doesn’t even touch on the fuzzier but still significant lessons that I picked up from discussions with classmates, usually in the lobby of Puck or at Apple Bar…


Note: This message has not been sponsored by the NYU Wagner recruitment office — but I’m open to offers. 🙂

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