Have I been shrinking?

It took me about two months in East Africa to figure out why I had to cuff my pants here. I wasn’t devoting much mental energy to the problem, but every once and a while it would bug me. These pants fit perfectly well when I left the US. Why do I have to roll up the bottom once or twice to avoid stepping on them? Am I losing weight, and the pants are sitting lower on my waist? Or was the gravity different closer to the equator, and I was getting shorter because of it?

You have to understand something about me: I used to be short and scrawny. I mean, really short and scrawny. I had a complex about it until college, when I discovered that I’m actually 3 inches taller than the average American male. I’ve held my head higher ever since. (I’m still kind of scrawny though.)

So it’s with some satisfaction that I’ve finally figured it out. It’s not me. It’s the pants. I’ve been hand washing and line drying for the past two months. When the pants hang wet and heavy on the line, they stretch out. I’m pretty sure that the next time I machine wash and dry them, they’ll shrink back to their original size.

Problem solved.

Next puzzle: Why is the Mexicon soap opera En Nombre Del Amor so popular here? And why is it dubbed over in such terrible English?

3 thoughts on “Have I been shrinking?

  1. Update on the Mexican soap opera: Some Kenyans have told me that several other telenovelas are also very popular. Evidently the same people do the terrible English dubbing for all of them, so if you watch several different shows you’ll start to recognize the voices.

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