Hello, Nairobi!

I took a matatu from Eldoret to Nairobi on Friday with Maurice, the Mercy Corps Kenya program director. Our driver was a bit of a maniac the whole way, making ill-advised passes on the highway and honking at nothing in particular. After four hours of fearing for my life, I was actually a little relieved when heavy traffic on the outskirts of Nairobi forced us to slow down. Then the driver managed to almost get in a fight with the angry passengers of a bus he cut off.

In the end, we arrived safe and sound. I’ll have another week and half to enjoy the insanity that is Nairobi, before flying back to the US.

The big thing coming up for Kenya this week is the constitutional referendum on Wednesday. I’ll have some more commentary on that later (tonight? tomorrow? who knows…see my previous post to tide you over), plus updates as it happens, and also some thoughts on the much-debated question: Is philanthropy killing Africa? Stay tuned…

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