Parting thoughts

Ready to go: My trusted backpack, Deuter (or, El Deuterino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing)

My flight out of Nairobi leaves in a few hours. I’m first heading to Denver for an old friend’s wedding, then to the DC area early next week, and back to NYC in the week after. And so concludes my two and half months of interning and traveling around East Africa.

This seems like an appropriate time to sum up the experience, distill some key lessons and offer some final insights. Unfortunately, I’m drawing a blank. I think I need to let things simmer a bit more. In any case, I don’t think I’ve got any big lessons from this summer — just a lot of little (but important) ones.

Until I get around to formulating some of those, here are the memorable lifestyle notes from the places I’ve spent most of my time, and where I’m going back to.

Category Mbale, Uganda Eldoret, Kenya New York, NY Winner
Food Cheap, greasy chapati on the street

Rolex (“rolled eggs”) for breakfast

Big, hearty meals

Lots of good Indian food

Great grilled meat (mostly goat and chicken)

But oh my god, too much ugali

Cheap falafel sandwiches

Okonomiyaki on St. Marks Place

Starches that aren’t based on maize or cassava

Beer Beers in half liter bottles for ~$1.25

(Club, Bell, Nile Special)

Beers in half liter bottles for ~$1.50

(Tusker, White Cap, Pilsner)

Tiny, pint-sized beers that costs $6+

But — more than 3 beer options

Running Running with little traffic

But with lots of staring

Running at 1.5+ mile elevation

And lots of other runners

Running across the Brooklyn Bridge

While dodging tourists

Other sports Not many options Visited football matches, but without playing Rock climbing wall at Palladium NYC
Weather Hot, except for the daily hour of rain Kind of chilly Seasons! Which include winter… Mbale
Household Water was cold, and undrinkable

Internet sometimes worked

Water was hot or cold, nothing in between, and drinkable

Internet usually worked

Water is any temperature you want, and drinkable

Internet is everywhere


Looks like NYC 3, Eldoret 2, Mbale 1. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, Mbale and Eldoret. I’ll see you both again, someday.

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