What to watch — videos to help you procrastinate

It’s almost the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. Maybe you haven’t turned your brain off entirely, but you certainly don’t want to read something. Here are a few videos that have come across my desk recently, and that you can justify watching because they’re vaguely related to development. (Warning: Some may require small amounts of reading. Sorry.)

Are human beings hardwired for empathy?

Jeremy Rifkin describes the evolution of empathy, with clever animated accompaniment.

(H/t A peace of conflict)

Decentralization — it has come to Malawi

Every public policy should have a music video.

(H/t Ryan B and Lauren)

What can development policy learn from evolution?

Owen Barder discusses why development policy should focus less on designing a better world, and more on designing better feedback loops.

Click here for a narrated presentation about evolution and development

(Original post here.)

Incredible storytelling with a unique medium

This was forwarded around a bunch last year, but I came across it again for a class and thought I’d share. From “Ukraine’s Got Talent”, artist Kseniya Simonova tells a story in sand.

Condolence payments in Afghanistan

Chris Albon links to a video of US Marines delivering payments to the family members of a recent victim. It’s tough to watch, but powerful. (I’m having trouble embedding this one, so you’ll have to go to his site.)

Oh, you actually wanted a ridiculous cat video?

Here you go. Try not to get too distracted.

(H/t Karen B)

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