Conflict-sensitive programming vs. peacebuilding

…international actors often fail to make the important distinction between conflict-sensitive programming and peacebuilding. Conflict sensitive assistance has at its core 1) an analysis of the context, 2) an understanding of the interaction between the interventions and the context, and 3) actions taken to avoid negative impacts and maximize positive impacts on conflict dynamics. Effective peacebuilding, on the other hand, is anchored by a thorough conflict analysis AND an explicit strategy to affect the key driving factors of the conflict that may or may not be linked to development factors in a given context. In other words, effective development interventions may not be effective as peacebuilding interventions, and vice versa.

So argues a new brief from CDA‘s Listening Project. Worth checking out, especially for the quotes from local peace actors in conflict-affected areas around the globe.

Full report: “Local Perceptions of International Engagement in Fragile States and Situations”

On a related note, check out the recent Economist article about independent conflict resolution actors at the international level: “Privatising Peace”