Housekeeping: content sharing on multiple platforms

At some point I stopped doing round-ups of interesting articles and blog posts (like the one below). I stopped doing them about the same time that I started to actively use the “share” function in Google Reader. If you follow me on there, any posts that I find interesting will show up in your own Reader stream. Things I “share” also go out on my Twitter feed. Oddly, there’s no Reader integration with Google+ (yet), but I’ll be sharing or plus-1-ing or whatever on that platform as well, if you want to add me to your circles.

With those options for sharing content in place, the round-ups feel redundant. However, I’ll try to post them occasionally since I know many readers don’t use those other services.

On a related note: Find What Works now has a Facebook page. You can “like” it to receive links to new posts in your Facebook news feed. Content there will be restricted to the posts on this blog, plus just a few select posts from other sources.

To summarize, if you want links to other interesting items from around the web, you can:

But if you only want to receive the things I post here, then you should:

  • subscribe by RSS or email (see links in the right-hand column), or
  • like on Facebook.

Clear? Good. Just to be safe, why don’t you subscribe every which way? 😉

And if you want to share what you read here, there’s a “Share” button below each post.

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