My year in review

Here are my top posts from the year. As measured by me. This list has no basis in the site stats (which tend to spike whenever I mention a celebrity in the title). These are just the ones that I enjoyed writing. If you’re new to the blog and missed these, check them out.

In 2011, I…

— learned that “falafel” means the same thing in Cairo as in New York

— looked at advocacy from development contractors in response to USAID reforms

— described the boy-named-Sue effect and what it might mean for NGO branding

— traced celebrity activism to the halo effect and mission creep

— shared some career advice (from people smarter than me)

— encouraged others to start blogging

— wondered whether employers would hesitate to hire me if I disagreed with them

— wrote a long series about politics, context, and the limitations of RCTs: part 1, part 2, part 3, and a post-script

— ran a survey of aid/development blog readers and reported on the results

— discussed whether development should (or even could) have a Theory Of Everything

— considered the lessons that Thomas Kuhn might have for a paradigm shift in international development

Thanks for a great year.

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