More than just hot air

My fellow aid and development bloggers have a lot going on. Somewhere in between blogging and full-time jobs, many of them squeeze in some fascinating side projects. Here are a few new ones and a few old that you might find interesting.

DAWNS Digest: Tom Murphy (A View From The Cave) and Mark Goldberg (UN Dispatch) have launched the “Development and Aid World News Service” — or DAWNS. It’s a news clipping service that sends you a daily digest of global stories critical to the development/aid community.

International Development Careers List: Got a question about career paths, resumes, grad school, living abroad or anything else? Alanna Shaikh can answer it. And if she can’t, she’ll find someone else who can. She sends responses to the full list (minus identifying information) so you get answers to questions you never even thought to ask.

ICT4D Career Network: Similar to Shaikh’s careers list, but with a particular focus on ICT jobs and careers. This one is moderated by Wayan Vota.

Lies, White Lies, and Accounting Practices: Saundra Schimmelpfennig (Good Intentions are Not Enough) has released a 20 page take down of the overhead ratio. She’s making it available on a pay-what-it’s-worth-to-you basis.

And stay tuned for…

Peer coaching: The crew at whydev is teaming up with Shana Montesol Johnson (Development Crossroads) to launch a peer coaching matching service. They’re still designing it, so help them out by taking their survey.

AidSource: There are whispers of a new online space for aid workers. The twittersphere is all a-twitter with rumors. Well… maybe it’s not that big of a secret anymore. Aidsource is in beta testing right now, and membership is by invitation only. Shotgun Shack, J. (Tales from the Hood), and the aforementioned Alanna Shaikh are running the show. Expect to hear more from them in the coming weeks.

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