Reboot is hiring

REBOOT_logo_RGB_transpMy recent posts about staffing and growth didn’t just come out of nowhere. They were prompted by a lot of internal planning that Reboot’s been doing recently. The practical upshot of which is: we’re hiring.

In New York: Freelance Web Developer, Interaction Designer, Director of Research & Design, and Associate.

And in Nigeria: Country Representative, Program Manager, and Program Associate.

Reboot is a pretty unique organization that takes a human-centered and multi-disciplinary approach to governance and development projects. If you’re a regular reader of this blog and the ideas I write here resonate with you, then you have a sense of what I mean.

And if you’re a regular reader who’s crazy talented, cross-culturally comfortable, a keen navigator of complexity, familiar with the current approaches but reflective enough to see their flaws, willing to chart out something new, and driven in a roll-up-your-sleeves-jump-in-the-trenches way to get it done… then you should be working for us.

The posted jobs are diverse and the skills are varied. We pull talent from a variety of sectors and value uncommon career paths: development and aid, sure, but also design, policy, tech, finance, consulting, academia, and more. We’re looking for people who see beyond disciplinary and sectoral boundaries. We mix analytical and creative, empathetic and number-crunching, deliberate and agile — not necessarily in each staff person, but across the whole team. It’s one of the reasons I love working here.

There’s more on the site, of course. If you have questions, you’re welcome to reach out to Reboot by email (see the relevant job posting) or Twitter. You can also contact me. I’m happy to answer questions from interested candidates, though I’ll warn you that my availability for coffees/skypes is limited by travel, connectivity, etc.


(P.S. Standard disclaimers apply: Although I’m posting about Reboot and I mentioned the heavy alignment between what I write on this blog and Reboot’s approach, my posts on FWW in no way reflect official positions of Reboot. Etc. etc.)

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