Need a little help: Aid/development/international jobs in San Diego?

There’s a lot of interesting research into industrial organization and geography. For all the talk of a flat world, location still matters. Los Angeles is built around the entertainment industry. If you don’t work “in the industry” as they say, then your job is probably only two- or three-steps away from it. Las Vegas is built around gaming, Palo Alto around tech, Washington around government (which is why it’s referred to as “Hollywood for ugly people”). If you want to work in one of those industries, then those are pretty good places to live.

Within the United States, your best options for international development jobs are New York and Washington. That’s great for me, because I love both those cities. There are some great organizations based on other cities too, but those are fewer and farther between. For people living or moving someplace else for personal reasons, it can make it hard to find the right fit.

So here’s my plea: I’m looking for good organizations in San Diego. I’ve got a friend moving there who’s totally baller. Over five years of legit field experience on multiple continents with the kinds of organizations you know, working on research, program implementation, government relations. Masters degree, sharp as they come, plus just all-around pleasure to hang out with.

I wouldn’t write this post for any old schmuck.

Know of an organization, foundation, research institute, anything like that? Even if they’re not hiring, maybe they can help my friend get the lay of the land. Drop me a line: