Who I Am


I’m a consultant.

As a small part of several great teams—spanning governance and accountability advocates, local reformers and activists, development and humanitarian aid organizations, donors and multilateral agencies—I add targeted value that moves their work forward, while also finding the opportunities for connections and cross-pollination. Most of that work is internal to each client. The most public version of my work is my writing.

What I Do



Not an injection of specific expertise, but a thought partnership to navigate difficult issues. I’m here to help you (and your team) understand a problem or opportunity, and find a pathway through it.


Bring people together around a common goal, with the right data, and provide a structure for the conversation: that’s the core of facilitation, whether in a single workshop, in a virtual space, or over the course of a program.


For the hardest problems, analysis—separating the whole into its constituent elements—is only a precursor to the creative synthesis that puts the parts back together in a useful way, surfacing new connections that make change possible.

How I Work

I have no set toolkit or preferred methodologies. Efficiency relies on standardization, but effectiveness requires adaptation and equity only comes from participation—both of which are messy. So each engagement draws on a mix of approaches from strategy design, adaptive management, organizational learning, complexity thinking, political organizing, and more. Some engagements are short and focused, others ebb and flow over a year or more. I’m a one-person shop, with all the flexibility that brings, and I work in partnership when other skills are needed.

What I Think


Photo of protest sign: "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now. - MLK". #NoBanNoWall protest, New York City, 1/29/17. Photo: Dave Algoso. (CC BY 4.0)

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Who I've Worked With

Past Experience

Global aid and development

Feedback Labs | International Rescue Committee | Mercy Corps | Reboot | Save the Children | UNICEF | USAID | World Bank

Governance and accountability

Global Integrity | Natural Resources Governance Institute | Open Contracting Partnership | Transparency and Accountability Initiative

U.S. reformers and activism

Common Cause | Fund for Public Interest Research (State PIRGS)