If I were Tom Friedman…

…then this post would be about how I ate dinner at an Indian restaurant called Mamma Mia in Western Kenya where they provided me with a bottle of real Louisiana-made Tabasco sauce. And all of that would somehow be a metaphor for globalization and what the rise of a multi-polar world (Indian cuisine) means for European cultural influences (Italian name) and American brands (Tabasco).

Lucky for you, I’m not Tom Friedman. I’m a geek of a whole other kind. Sitting here on the balcony looking at the Eldoret city lights (all 10 of them), I was inspired by Duncan Green’s recent post using Google Analytics. Sadly, Google Analytics doesn’t work with WordPress.com so I’m stuck with only the built-in tools. The numbers are modest and I’d be embarrassed to post them after citing Duncan Green’s blog. In fact, with only 41 posts (this makes 42) in the 2 months since starting the blog, the numbers don’t say much.

What I do find hilarious is how people end up on this blog, both through search terms and referral pages. A surprising number of people find their way here by searching some variation on “how to look less asian” — which is not what I set out to be known for. As for referral pages, the most common are Twitter, Google Reader and Facebook. I’m getting an increasing number of referrals from pages that either porn sites or just completely unrelated to any topic I’ve written on. Either way, I haven’t followed up. Another site that seems to reference me often: bestwaytogetasixpack.org — which is exactly what I set out to be known for.

And here’s a wordle. It displays the words I’ve used the most in larger font.

2 thoughts on “If I were Tom Friedman…

    1. Hi Dave,

      Mamma Mias also do serve Italian and Continental Food besides the indian delicay. Oh btw, the tabasco has been available in Kenya for a really long time, despite the fact that it disappears once in a while from the supermarket shelves 🙂

      Rickey – Director at Mamma Mias

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