Blessed are the peacemakers

Alanna Shaikh wrote an excellent guest post on AidWatch earlier in the week: Is Impact Measurement a Dead End? Her main critique focuses on the problem of quantifying the unquantifiable, and the incentive distortions that can result from doing it poorly (the “you get what you measure” principle).  The comments at the bottom are worthwhile too, as Michael Clemens and some other very smart people chime in.

But then again — it’s Friday, and you don’t really want to read anything, right?

So I also offer you the results of a recent evaluation conducted of Mercy Corps’ Sports for Peace program. The evaluation combined two methodologies (known as Most Significant Change and Participatory Video) to help program participants tell their own stories. I had nothing to do with the making of these videos, but I’m both proud and humbled to be a small part of this program.

A terrible day in my life – Peter Gatama

Thinking change – David Ng’ang’a

Rise and shine – Flomenah Tuwei

Peace within – Kevin Mbayagi

Girl soccer in the ghetto – Peninah Wanjiru

With a hat tip to InsightShare.

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