How to summarize a whole debate in one sentence: justice v. peace

As long as justice is treated as synonymous with prosecutions alone and peace-building is reduced to the process of negotiating peace agreements, then peace and justice will remain at loggerheads.

That line comes from an essay by Graeme Simpson (titled “One among Many: The ICC as a Tool of Justice during Transition”) on how peace and justice are even more complicated concepts than they seem. The essay is part of a small collection titled Courting Conflict? Justice, Peace and the ICC in Africa (available here). The volume is a few years old but I just discovered it and thought it’d be worth sharing.

While we’re on the topic….

Last week, everyone’s favorite ICC prosecutor opened investigations in Nigeria and Honduras (story here). The Honduras inquiry, of course, will address last year’s coup. This is the ICC’s first investigation outside of Africa. The Nigeria inquiry will focus on the violence in Jos last January (see here and here). I confess that I know little about either situation, and the news reporting on these investigations has been slim. If anyone has links to more information on either, please share.

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