Worth sharing: a round-up of links

Sharing. Aww.

1. What makes Nairobi’s iHub work?

2. Naive or professional?

3. MIFFS: middle income, failed or fragile states

4. Insurgent groups exhibit learning curve

5. Superman saves the world

6. Differences between movie stars and sports stars

7. Becoming an Aid Worker: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

8. How we make physics relevant to the youngsters?

9. Bridging gaps between academics and policymakers

10. Wrong assumptions about technology in emerging economies

11. “dealing with complexity…requires sufficient organizational bandwidth”

12. al Shabbab welcomes relief efforts, aid groups still wary

13. Most expensive adwords on Google — “donate” is #7 (more detail here)

14. Provide arms to South Sudan? Lauren Jenkins, Laura Seay (Texas in Africa) and Ken Opalo

15. Maajid Nawaz on building a global culture to fight extremism

16. Tim Harford on trial, error and the God complex

17. Greenpeace spoofs Volkswagen’s Star Wars commercial (original here, spoof below)

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