No Ordinary Elections

IRIN News has done a multimedia documentary on Kenya’s upcoming elections. It includes interviews with a variety of civic leaders, activists and artists. Worth checking out. The introductory video is below. Go to the site itself for other videos and resources. (The interview with John Githongo is especially good.)


The other resources on the site include a conflict map (below) highlighting inter-communal conflict over the past year. The general opinion among Kenyans I talk to is that next month’s election won’t bring the same level of violence as 2007-2008, largely because political elites don’t think they can get away with instigating it again. However, there will still be interethnic violence springing from community/county-level conflicts. Devolution may even be making this worse, as ethnic groups vie for control over county governments and the accompanying resources.

(Hat-tip Valentina Baú.)

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