As you might already know, one result of the famous Bretton Woods conference of 1944 (which established the post-WWII global economic order) was to set the US dollar as the currency for global trade. Apparently economics giant John Maynard Keynes (being a Brit) was actually in favor of creating a new global currency, rather than using the dollar.

What I just learned is that Keynes had several potential names in mind for this global currency. One of the names on the list: unicorns.

The economics of a single global currency aside, I think we can all agree that international relations would generally be a lot less contentious if all trade were done in unicorns. A few recent headlines would read, “Unicorn steady despite safe haven run before fed meeting” and “Foreigners complain about the unicorn but keep buying it” — how could that not make the world a better place?

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