What question keeps you up at night? What do you need answered to bring your work to the next level? Navigating uncertain times puts social change leaders in a dangerous spot: you have to act even when you’re unsure. You find your way through the fog, often jumping from one burning platform to another.

My approach to research shines a light on the challenges you’re facing, articulating the core questions without shying away from ambiguity. We’ll look within your own organization, map the landscape across peers and collaborators, and look to other sectors further afield in search of lessons or examples that might help you chart the path forward. If useful, we’ll bring our findings to sensemaking workshops with team members or partners. And I’ll synthesize and share the results in a way that gets your key stakeholders on board.

Past research and writing has included:

  • Mapping potential growth pathways for a consortium changing the way philanthropic, aid, and government actors listen to communities.
  • Identifying existing and emerging practices for disrupting north-to-south technical assistance approaches, in favor of horizontal cooperation models, at a major multilateral agency working in 190 countries and territories.
  • Mapping recent change initiatives at Mercy Corps to highlight progress and remaining challenges.
  • Reviewing agile approaches to organizational strategy for the US-based affiliate of a global advocacy, relief, and development NGO.
  • Designing and piloting an assessment methodology for diagnosing and improving the level of adaptiveness in a team’s program management.
  • Synthesizing trends toward “doing development differently” across five global NGOs.
  • Communicating findings and lessons from six case studies on adaptive management.